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Corporal Matthew Merrill, Officer A^endy Wallace, Dept. Douglass Demers, Captain Michael Durkin, David Beckley. Richard Coville, Bill Rigby, James Goucher, Kevin Lahye. Town of Grantham, New Hampshire Armual Report 2009 FIRE WARDEN - Michael Benoit HEALTH OFFICER - Roger Woodworth, Deputy Charles Mc Carthy POLICE DEPARTMENT Walter Madore, Sr., Chief John Parsons, Sergeant & Prosecutor Tom Harriman.

27, 2009 at the New London Historical Society." "Allen W. His lifelong contributions to out community are truly worthy. Consideration of the hiring of a pubhc employee, RSA 91-A:3, II (b).

In no case, however, does a member of the public have the right to demand that the town collect, search for, or arrange information that is not already pulled together for the town's own purposes.

This document is intended as a general outline of the "Right-to-Know" Law and is somewhat simplified for ease of use.

Secretary Susan Fi GLEY, Treasurer: Jane Chipman, Jeremiah Fountain. Kevin La Haye, Jill Davis, Lori Avery, Kristi OConner FIRE DEPARTMENT Michael Benoit. Road Agent TOWN ARCHIVIST - Lea Frey TRANSFER STATION Frank Chaisson, Supervisor Attendants: Christopher Scott, David Bocash WELFARE OFFICIAL - Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator 10 Fown of Grantham, New Hampshire Annual Report 2009 Right fo Know baw What is the "Right-to-Know" Law, RSA 91 : A'?

Secretary Specials: Michael Szelangowski, Robert Schwartz, Massad Ayoob, Russell Lary, Vince Cunningham RECREATION DIRECTOR - Marsha Googins SCHOOL BOARD Doug Caffrey *10 Jeffrey \A^alla l O David Armstrong 11 Robert Mc Carthy 12 Leslie Brown '12 SAU #75 Keith Pfeifer, Superintendent Maren Ardell, Special Education Director Linda Kosiorek, Staff Accountant HIGHWAY Joseph Newcomb, Road Agent Jeffrey Hastings, Asst.

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Is Recommended by the Board of Selectmen (Majority vote required) Account Title Budget 2009/2010 Proposed 2010/2011 Recreation S26.677.00 527,910.00 Dunbar Free Library $150,531.00 $156,057.00 Activities $26,082.00 526,091.00 Archives S500.00 51,400.00 TOTAL 5203,790.00 §211,458.00 ARTICLE 7 - Conservation, Bond Notes, Interest and Tax .

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